Bucket equipment refers to the attachments for large machinery. Buckets can hold various types of material and even human beings. You can find them being used in construction, demolition, industrial, and mining. There are just a few types available and any one of them can be attached to a crane, excavating machine, backhoe loader, loader, or a dredge. Here are the different types of bucket equipment that are available.

Excavator Bucket

This bucket is one of the most widely recognized of all the buckets. It is often made of solid steel and features teeth along the edge. These teeth are used to break up large material (such as concrete) and do protect the bucket from wear and tear. There are two subsets of the excavator bucket; the ditching and trenching buckets. Ditching buckets do not have the teeth and is quite a bit wider than the traditional excavator. It is used for large excavation and/or grading stone. The trenching bucket is narrower and features the teeth.

Clamshell Bucket

The clamshell bucket is a specialized bucket that is essentially two buckets on a hinge. This bucket is very important in picking up items and moving them to another area. Usually we see the clamshell bucket on a crane that allows for a lot of movement and is very popular at demolition and excavating sites.

Concrete Bucket

The concrete bucket is attached to a crane and is filled with concrete. The crane than places the bucket in place and releases the concrete through the bottom of the bucket. While the design was meant for concrete, it could be used for other thick material.

Electrical Truck Bucket

This is a very different type of bucket and is meant for the carrying of human beings. These are also attached to a crane and are made of insulated material to prevent electrocutions. There is often a door that swings open to allow men and women to get into the bucket safely. This bucket is used when maintaining and repairing electrical lines. It is sometimes called a “cherry-picker”.

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