Used 2015 CATERPILLAR Loaders 938K4 FQ
# SWL03999
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# SWL03999
2015 CATERPILLAR 938K4 FQ Body: Good; Frame: Good; General: Good; Bumper: Good; Cab or Canopy: Good; Counterweight: Good; Crankcase Guard / Battery Box: Good; Decals: Good; Differential Supports: Good; Fenders: Fair; Fiberglass: Poor; Front Frame: Good; Fuel Tank: Good; Grab Irons: Good; Guards / Screens: Good; Paint: Fair; Plastic: Fair; Pre-Cleaner Bowl: Good; Radiator Grill & Shroud: Fair; Rear Frame: Good; Sheet Metal: Good; Steps / Ladder: Fair; Brake Hold: Good; Glass / Mirrors: Good; Horn: Good; Parking Brake - SAFETY ITEMS: Good; ROPS: Good; Seat Belt - SAFETY ITEMS: Good; Secondary Exit: Good; Air Conditioner: Good; Dash Console: Good; Door Latches: Good; Door Latches & Hinges: Good; Doors: Good; EMS Panel / Warnings: Good; Floor Boards: Good; Floor Mats: Good; Gauges: Good; Glass/Mirrors: Good; Heater: Good; Interior Lights: Good; Meter: Good; Pans/Guards: Good; Product Link: Good; Seat Belt - GAUGES, OPERATOR STATION, CONSOLE: Good; Seat Cushion / Arm Rest: Fair; Switches: Good; Windows: Good; Windshield Wipers: Good; Air Cleaners: Fair; Belts / Pulleys - ENGINE: Good; Engine Supports: Good; Exhaust / Muffler: Good; Fuel Injection System: Good; Fuel System: Good; Governor: Good; Operating Condition - ENGINE: Good; Turbocharger: Good; Turbocharger / Blower: Good; Belts / Pulleys - COOLING SYSTEM: Good; Coolers: Good; Fan: Good; Fan Drive: Good; Hoses: Good; Hoses & Tubes - COOLING SYSTEM: Good; Radiator: Good; Water Pump: Good; Alternator: Good; Batteries / Cables: Good; Beacon: Good; Lighting: Good; Starter: Good; Wiring: Good; Controls - TORQUE CONVERTER: Good; Leaks - TORQUE CONVERTER: Good; Torque Converter - TORQUE CONVERTER: Good; Universal Joints - TORQUE CONVERTER: Good; Case: Good; Controls - TRANSMISSION: Good; Cooler: Good; Drive Shaft: Good; Leaks - TRANSMISSION: Good; Lines / Fittings - TRANSMISSION: Good; Operating Condition - TRANSMISSION: Good; Pump - TRANSMISSION: Good; Seals: Good; Temp / Pressure Gauges: Good; Torque Converter - TRANSMISSION: Good; Transmission: Good; Transmission - Forward Shifts: Good; Transmission - Reverse Shifts: Good; Universal Joints - TRANSMISSION: Good; Articulate P & B: Good; Lines / Fittings - STEERING: Good; Pumps: Good; Steering Cylinder: Good; Steering Linkage: Good; Steering Valves / Pumps: Good; Steering Wheel Tilt / Extend: Good; Supplemental Steer: Good; Valves: Good; Accumulator: Good; Accumulators: Good; Brake Linkage: Good; Control Valve: Good; Hydraulic Pumps: Good; Leaks - BRAKE: Good; Lines: Good; Lines / Tubes: Good; Parking Brake - BRAKE: Good; Pedal: Good; Pump - BRAKE: Good; Type (Wet, Dry): Good; Front Axle Housing: Good; Rear Axle Housing: Good; Wheel Lugs & Rims - AXLE ASSEMBLIES: Good; Accumulator Charge - Ride Control: Good; Bucket & Hoist Kickout: Good; Bucket Cylinder: Good; Control Linkage: Good; Hose Lines: Good; Hoses & Tubes - HYDRAULICS: Good; Lift Cylinders: Good; Overall Operating Condition: Good; Pumps & Valves: Good; Tank: Good; Bucket Bottom: Good; Bucket


  • Condition: Used
  • Year: 2015
  • Model: 938K4 FQ
  • Category: Loaders
  • Location: Negaunee, MI
  • Stock Number: SWL03999
  • Serial Number: SWL03999
  • Hours: 10,938
  • Movement Type: WHEELED
  • Size: STANDARD
CATERPILLAR 938K4 FQ 5020912850
This 2015 CATERPILLAR 938K4 FQ has 10938 hours of use and is located in Negaunee, Michigan. Complete the form below to send us an email for more information about this Loaders.

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Used 2015 CATERPILLAR Loaders 938K4 FQ
# SWL03999

Actual trade-in value is dependent upon an in-person inspection.
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