Towable Lift

Towable Lift

A towable lift is a piece of heavy equipment meant to provide a work area that can be raised high in the air by a hydraulic arm. These lifts typically have a flat platform or an open bucket at the end of the arm for the purpose of supporting the worker. They are also often referred to as a man lift, cherry picker, hydra-ladder, towable aerial lift, basket crane, or towable boom.

The bucket lifts are more commonly used than the platform type. This provides the safer alternative, as there is no need for the worker to leave the machine in order to take position on the work surface. The bucket provides a safe enclosure that limits any risk of falling out. In addition, workers don’t need to fear electric shock when working on power or cable lines, because the towable lift is grounded from electricity.

Operating this type of lift is relatively easy and straightforward. Its controls are efficient and user-friendly. There are many uses for towable lifts. Its original purpose was for farm workers to pick fruit, hence the name “cherry picker.” It now sees use in other areas, such as utilities repair. Cable, telephone and electric workers use these particular lifts to reach high wires and lines. Another reason for its use is in community decorating for holiday seasons. Fire stations may use a lift such as this in place of a ladder, and industrial window cleaners also frequently use them when working on skyscrapers or tall buildings.

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2005 JLG T350

2005 JLG T350, Privately owned great shape ~ 440 hrs call for photos CAN SHIP!...
Above All Equipment -  Website
Chicago, IL

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