An RTV (rough terrain vehicle) is a great work vehicle that is often associated with landscaping jobs. RTVs can be used for a wide variety of small tasks, and are great for crossing distances that walking is too long for and driving is too short. Here is a quick view at an RTV and what it can handle.

You will find RTVs on large estates and properties that require a lot of upkeep. An RTV is like a golf cart that has a very small bed in the back. That bed can carry equipment and materials for completing your tasks. It can also haul debris, trash, and an employee or two when necessary. Most models reach speeds around 15 mph, but never over 20 mph.

Maintenance departments also employ the use of RTVs, as well. If equipment breaks down, they can rush to the equipment with the RTV. The bed allows them to bring tools and warning signs when necessary. It is much quicker to drive an RTV with the tools rather than trying to go by foot carrying lots of tools.

Baseball and football stadiums (from college, to minors, to majors) use RTVs for landscaping and maintenance use. During games, they can easily get to a location to do a quick repair or deliver much needed supplies before the grounds need tending.

Construction sites, hospital campuses, sports complexes, and mall all use the useful vehicles to take care of anything you can imagine!

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