Boat Trailers

Boat Trailers

If you are looking to buy a boat, or have already obtained one and need transport, a boat trailer is an absolute must have. There are several types of boat trailers for sale, and each one is meant for specific types of boats and made of various types of material. One thing to note is the need of a vehicle that can handle transporting a boat on a trailer. A standard pick-up truck to a heavy-duty SUV will take care of the job. Each also comes with a necessary trailer hitch that you might have to purchase for a sedan vehicle, which is another reason a heavier vehicle is desirable as they are already equipped.

Bunk trailers are trailers made of several long boards that support the keel of the boat, that is the center line of the hull. There are also boards on either side to encase the boat. All boards are covered with material that assists the boat to slide on and keep it protected from the wood. This material is a bit felt like, very similar to the covering on a billiard table. These trailers are ideal for boats under 20 feet for transport or use for any boat for dry land storage.

Float trailers are large bunk trailers that are submerged into the water to unload and load your boat. These are a specialized type trailer and it would be very important to check with the marina or harbor. If there are any protrusions that you aren’t aware of, you could very well damage your boat and trailer.

Roller trailers have a series of rubber or plastic rollers that support the weight of the boat. The rollers work to allow a boat to roll into the water without completely submerging the trailer. It is an ideal option for those who travel to a wide variety of harbors and marinas because it is an adaptable trailer for a variety of water environments.

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Boat Trailers 
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