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Mixers are most often used to create and transport concrete. They combine cement, an aggregate (sand or gravel depending on the job), and water into a rotating drum. The rotating not only creates the mix, it keeps it in liquid form through constant movement.

Portable concrete mixers are a small piece of equipment for small jobs. It may be a simple home repair or remodeling that requires a little bit of concrete to complete the chore. They are run by hand, battery, or electricity to mix the ingredients.

Truck mixers are the most popular you will see at construction sites and on the road on their way to a site. Truck mixers create a very large amount of concrete for making new sidewalks, walking areas, and even a parking lot. Concrete is also used to create foundation for buildings and homes and the truck mixer will provide plenty. Many truck mixers unload the mix through a chute. Rear discharge trucks require a driver and someone to move the chute to where the concrete needs to go. Front discharge trucks only require the driver to use the controls in the cab to control the chute.

Trailer concrete mixers are a mid-sized mixer that resides on a trailer hitch that can be transported to smaller jobs that don't require much concrete but more than a portable mixer. Businesses that sell building materials often keep these on hand to create concrete for their customer base. Rental yards usually have a few concrete trailers available.

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