An aerator is an important tool for the landscaper and the homeowner. Aeration is needed to mix oxygen to soil, water, or any other natural materials. Aeration is often needed to promote lawn growth but is also an important factor to maintaining a natural balance to the property. It keeps lawn thatch at bay, encourages earthworm population and other micro-organisms that are vital to a healthy soil and property. Featured below are some types of aerating equipment that you will find useful in your landscaping endeavors.

Spike Aerator

The spike aerator is a piece of equipment that features spikes, curved or straight, that pushes soil sideways and punches holes into the soil. Despite the shift and presence of a hole, the soil is not removed from the ground. Watering after using a spike aerator will cause the compacted soil to expand and close. This aerator is best for loamy or sandy soils.

Core Aerator

The core aerator is the equipment that does remove soil from the ground. It leaves the plug on the turf and watering does not change the fact that there are holes in the soil. The holes allow for air, fertilizers, and water to reach the roots without interference. It also combats any issues with compacted soil. This type of aerator is best for heavy clay soils.

Manual Vs. Power

Naturally, you can find these tools that function manually or powered tools. Manuals are best for the small home lawn and gardens. Commercially, you could use them if you are catering to small projects. Powered is more suitable for the larger properties that need plenty of work completed in a short amount of time. Powered aeration tools can complete the job in the same amount of time that a mower would take on the property. You can find powered tools that tow along, ride on, or walk behind.


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