Grain Carts

Grain Carts

Harvest time is a period of hard work for everyone in the farming industry, but for no one more than the farmers at work in the field and bringing in the crops. Grain carts can be a lifesaver, making the job to a little faster and the harvest handled in a more efficient fashion. Using grain carts alongside a combine will allow farmers to unload corn, soybeans, and other grains as they harvest, saving a significant amount of time over older methods that required stopping to unload each time the hopper is filled. The grain carts then unload the haul into trailers for transport. The process of harvesting is truly simplified when using grain carts over other methods.

Grain carts are available in a variety of sizes, depending on the specific needs of the farm or the type of combine being used for harvesting. Originally, they came as small as 200 bushels, though today’s models are typically significantly larger. On the opposite end, you can find models as large as 2200 bushels that are useful for farms with very large-scale harvests. There are models available to fit the needs of farms of all sizes.

When purchasing grain carts, it is important to consider the size of the tractor you are using to pull the cart, the combine that you are using for your harvest, and the overall needs of your farm. While you don’t want to buy grain carts that far exceed your harvesting needs, be sure to select a product that will handle your current harvest volume and allow for some growth, if you plan for expansion in the near future. It is important to make a cost-effective purchase that will pay for itself in the time saved on labor to get your harvest in safely and completely.


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