Planters lay seeds down in a very precise way along rows. In the farming industry, planters are usually towed behind a tractor which sows seeds into fields. Planters vary in size from one row to 54. Newer planters which are larger have modules that are called row units. Each of the row units are spaced evenly within the planter. The most common spacing is 30 inches within the United States.

When working with larger seeds, planters are typically utilized over seed drills, grain drills, and seeders which all handle smaller seeds. Planters are widely used for sowing crops like corn, peas, and beans. The purpose of planters is to streamline the planting process to obtain higher yields.

There are several different types of planters available. These include drawn planters, mounted planters, DB planters, and DR planters. All of these planters focus on improved seed placement, spacing, and emergence. Drawn planters are able to cover more acres with increased flexibility and productivity. Mounted planters are an affordable option to use with current machines. DB planters are all purpose and work well on large acres to get the job done quickly.

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