Model:Dry Bulk Pneumatic
Category:Storage Trailer
Location:wilmer, TX

Description & Comments

, 2019 STORAGE TRAILER PNEUMATIC PRESSURIZED HORIZONTAL SILO 4100 CF , TYPE PNEUMATIC PRESSURIZED HORIZONTAL SILO "GALLEGOS" BRAND" (57' LONG 13.5' HIGH AND 11' WIDE, BODY: Black Steel 3/16" cal with inside reinforcing rings CHASSIS 1/4" Plate DESIGNED TO OPERATE AT: 15 PSI PNEUMATIC TEST: 30 PSI 5TH WHEEL PLATE: A-36 3/8 bolted DISCHARGE CONES: (6) SIX with 1 Solimar Fluidizer Pad on each lid SUSPENSION: HUTCH Spring Suspension H9700S AXLES: (1) One 30,000 lbs Unimont, 77.5 DOUBLE BOOSTER: Haldex Gold seal break chambers AUTO SLACK ADJUSTMENT: Haldex S-ABA self setting DOMES: (1) - 20 Knappco with steel neck and aluminum cover with 6 ears for airflight closing LANDING GEAR: 5 sets of Screw Jack Legs and Wide Feet ANTI - CORROSION PRIMER BY DUPONT LIGHTS: LED Grote, DOT approved DISCHARGE PIPE: 5" W 6 butterfly 6" valves REAR LADDER: Black Steel 10 GA with inti-skid plate FENDERS: Aluminum for one axle in Rear PRESSURE GAUGES: (2) separate, check air pressure lines and body AIR PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES: (3) Sure Seal, 1 on air supply lines 1 on body - 1 in dome LOADING SYSTEM LINES (2) rear line (4") (2) front line (4") DECALS AND LEGENDS: All in English AIR SUPPLY LINES: 4" w/ Aluminum quick connectors, 4" check valve 4" auxiliary connector and 4" control buterfly vavlve TIRES: (4) SteelMark AHS 11R 24.5 NOTE: BLOWER IS NOT INCLUDED WHEELS: (4) Steel Painted White 24.5, 8,000 lbs We work with all types of credit and have finance programs to fit every situation. We make it easy and affordable for you to finance your next truck or trailer quick and easy. Call Alan Today at 972-739-2557 Hablamos español llámenos hoy para iniciar el proceso para obtener su crédito. Aquí aceptamos todos los tipos de crédito.

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