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Generating Leads Through Content Development

There are many ways to develop leads and connections, from growing your networking leverage and building a sphere of influence to advertising through emerging technology and bold marketing strategies. Personable relationships and attention-grabbing campaigns are certainly effective and lead to a great deal of sales. However, these are only two parts of a strategic, connection-generating trifecta. What is this third, final piece of the puzzle? We’re glad you asked, because today we’re talking about Generating Leads Through Content Development!!
It’s great when customers like you, or when your advertisements catch their eye, but to be truly valuable to them, you have to provide something of, well, value. Hopefully the products and service you offer satisfy that need. However, you can supplement and boost your value by offering your consumers additional resources. Providing useful content to your clients helps transform your reputation from a typical business into a reliable expert and beneficial leader.
Content development portrays you as the quality dealership that you are, attracting serious prospects who are interested in the industry and keeping them engaged until they are ready to make a purchase. Content development can also keep previous customers coming back to you again and again, boosting your absorption rates (the rate at which buyers return to your business). So, what type of content should you provide??
Really, exact topics are up to you, but here are some quick considerations:

  • What are you comfortable writing about?
  • What do you know? What can you learn?
  • Can you provide exclusive information or a unique perspective?
  • How does the content relate to the industry?
  • How does the content relate to your customers personally?
  • How does the content relate to your customers’ businesses?
  • Is the content timely? Does it match up with the current business cycle, time of year, or ongoing current events?

You can find lots of great examples out there. For instance, winter is fast approaching and many businesses will have to make preparations for the colder weather. To meet this practical need, a CAT dealership has put out 10 Tips to Prepare Heavy Equipment for Winter and Ryder Fleet Products has published 10 Winter Driving Tips for Trucks. On our own blog, we’ve covered Severe Weather Preparedness and Connecting with Seasonal Consumers, among other posts. Even holiday-related articles about Holiday Worksite Safety and Top Gifts for Construction Workers can be relevant and interesting to your audience.
Yes, all these businesses writing articles about similar topics can have some overlap and redundancy. However, your customers do not know those other companies. They know and trust you and your dealership. Maintaining an expert voice that provides specific, useful information keeps prospects paying attention and keeps previous customers engaged. Whatever resources you provide, from informal blog-posts and professional whitepapers to email news and text-message coupons, content development generates leads and connections!!
So consider the questions we provided above, and then tell us — what do you have to say to your customers??
Ethan Smith HeadshotAbout the Author
Ethan Smith
Ethan is a Content Curator for Trader Interactive, serving the commercial brands Commercial Truck Trader, Commercial Web Services, and Equipment Trader. Ethan believes in using accessible language to elevate conversations about industry topics relevant to commercial dealers and their buyers.


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Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith
is the Senior Content Writer for Trader Interactive, writing and editing specialized content for Commercial Truck Trader, Equipment Trader, RV Trader, Cycle Trader, ATV Trader, and more. Ethan believes in using accessible language to elevate conversations about industry topics relevant to marketplace buyers.

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