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Protect Your Equipment with VROOM & SCREECH

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An estimated $400 million dollars worth of heavy construction equipment is stolen every year1 – and that figure doesn’t even include the theft of tools or building materials, damage to remaining property caused by thieves, replacement costs, delay penalties, and the cost of wasted time for both workforce and management.

If you add it all up, the full cost of stolen construction equipment is likely closer to $1 billion dollars per year1. Yes, billion with a “b.” If you’re thinking that’s a big problem, you’re right. A study conducted by LoJack found that 83% of equipment owners have been victims of theft at some point in their careers2. So what can be done? If you want to secure your worksite and equipment, just remember VROOM and SCREECH:

To secure equipment, think VROOM


…should be identified. Do all the vehicles in the vicinity belong to your company? Are there lots of vehicles around a business that is closed for the day? Are there individuals sitting in their vehicles in the lot? Are any of those vehicles capable of hauling or towing away your equipment?


…valuables from machinery cabs. Equipment theft is made easier when universal keys are left in an open cab.


…at all times. Always keep an eye out for suspicious activity on job sites, parking lots, and rental facilities.

Odd Hours

…have a higher threat level – either at night, in the off-season (November to March), or during holidays – when the equipment is more likely to be left unattended. Especially during odd hours, be sure to store and secure equipment.


…secure entrances and always close the gates during non-business hours.

To secure worksites, think SCREECH

Security checks

…should be conducted regularly to evaluate the site for potential vulnerability. Make sure there are no blind spots in the parking area and schedule sporadic check-ins on the property over long weekends.


…with other businesses around you, and make plans to look out for each other.


…any and all suspicious activity to the police.


….vehicle alarms work properly (perform monthly tests), tracking devices are installed whenever possible, and equipment isn’t left on a trailer (that’s just gift-wrapping it for thieves!).


…the right people. Run thorough background checks on all potential new hires before giving them access to machinery.


…provide an additional level of security, but make sure you invest in high-quality technology that can actually capture images with enough detail – even at night – that can help law enforcement find and return your property.

Hire security

…especially if crime is a problem in your area, or if your business has been victimized previously, consider hiring private security.



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Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith
is the Marketing Manager at Trader Interactive, overseeing marketing campaigns for ATV Trader, Boatline, Commercial Truck Trader, Cycle Trader, Equipment Trader, RV Trader, and more. Ethan believes in using accessible language to elevate conversations about industry topics relevant to marketplace buyers and sellers.

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  1. Ethan Smith, very good article. I represent Encore GPS tracking which has the lowest cost and much broader coverage than Blue Tooth. Have you thought about a follow-on article comparing the various GPS tracking solutions? Ours is so economical that it can be used on lower value assets as well such as machine attachments,air compressors,welders etc.
    If you would send me your e mail address and I will send you more details.
    Rick Stacy
    [email protected]

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