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Equipment with Benefits: 7 Big Reasons to Rent

Renting equipment is an increasingly popular trend, including on Equipment Trader, where we’re seeing more inventory being rented on our marketplace than ever before. From construction and agriculture to landscaping and technical trades, renting equipment is an appealing option across industries for business owners and workers, who receive the benefits of machine use without having to make the commitment of buying and owning. So today, we’re breaking down 7 big reasons to rent equipment.

1. Renting is cheaper than buying

This is the obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning. You won’t always have the money to make an outright purchase of every machine you’ll ever need. And some equipment you only need for a small percentage of your time on a job-site1, hardly justifying the cost of a full purchase2. Renting lets you have the right equipment when you need it, at prices you can afford.

2. Renting keeps things simple

When renting equipment, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. You don’t have to worry about storage. You don’t have to worry about licensing fees, property taxes, or many forms of insurance3. There’s less paperwork and records to keep. Ultimately, renting equipment simplifies expenses, lowers overhead costs, and gives you greater peace of mind4.

3. Renting gives you emergency options

Machines usually do not warn us when they will break down, and when they do, deadlines stay the same. Renting equipment helps you cover for unexpected breakdowns1, or when other unexpected needs arise.

4. Renting gives you flexibility

There are many machines available to rent from many rental dealerships. Having so many options for renting equipment gives you the flexibility to find the perfect tool for each project you undertake5.

5. Renting provides up-to-date equipment

Most dealers keep their rental inventory up-to-date with modern machines, because they know newer equipment will bring them more business than rusty antiques. When renting contemporary equipment, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to buy a machine that could quickly become outdated and obsolete.

6. Renting lets you test-drive before buying

Dealers selling equipment should always allow for comprehensive inspections (we’ve previously discussed what to look for during a test-run), but you may want more time with a machine before committing to a purchase. Renting allows you to get a feel for what it’s like to use the equipment on the job1, helping you make informed purchases.

7. Renting can boost your business

With access to equipment rentals, you can take jobs that you otherwise would be forced to turn down without having the proper machines.

We’ll be talking more about renting equipment in the coming days on the blog, from trends in the industry to tips for renting machines. For now, be sure to check out Equipment for all your equipment, buying, selling, and renting needs!!

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Ethan Smith
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