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What It’s Like to Sell Machinery on Equipment Trader

What It’s Like to Sell Machinery on

Equipment Trader SELL25When it’s time to move on from your heavy equipment, you want to list your unit on a trusted marketplace. Equipment Trader, the leading online classified advertising service that reaches over one million active buyers a month, connects machinery sellers to buyers in one virtual marketplace. Selling equipment on is secure, easy, and can be done in five simple steps.

1. Go to

From the Equipment Trader homepage, click the “Menu” button in the top-right corner and choose “Sell My Equipment.” Or, select the “Sell” button at the top of the website. Both links will direct you to the page of listing packages. Click the “Get Started” arrow or scroll down to browse the package options.

2. Pick a Package

Equipment Trader offers three package options for sellers to utilize.

  • Basic: With the basic package, your ad will display on the website for two weeks. Your listing will allow a link to a YouTube video and up to four photos.
  • Enhanced: The enhanced package provides eight weeks on Equipment Trader’s website, up to 20 photos, a YouTube video, and a featured spot on the homepage.
  • Best: Promote your listing for up to 26 weeks with the best package. This also includes up to 50 photos, a video link, premium placement on the website with a highlight in search results, and a featured spot in carousels on the homepage.

3. Create or Log In to a My Trader Account

After you select a package, a pop-up box will prompt you to log in to your My Trader account or create an account. A My Trader account gives sellers the ability to create, edit, and share listings, save your progress when you create a listing, and view leads and activity on your listings. To create an account, simply enter your email address, choose a password, and verify that password.

4. Set Up Your Listing

Once you choose your package, build your listing by providing information about the unit you’re selling. This will be your first chance to interact with a consumer. Be sure the information is clear and precise. Set up your listing in these three steps.

  • Enter Your Vehicle Information: Enter the year, class, category, make, model, size, and movement type of the machine you want to list. Enter a price, then provide a description about the unit you’re selling. This description can be up to 2,500 characters and should give a shopper as much information as possible about your heavy equipment. After you write the description, click the drop down to enter additional details, including hours of use, fuel type, transmission make, attachments, and other features. Remember, the more information you give a consumer, the faster they’re able to make a decision about buying your equipment.
  • Add Photos and Video: In the next section, add a link to a YouTube video and upload your photos. Depending on which package you chose, you can add up to four, 20, or 50 photos. Listings with pictures on Equipment Trader generate 2.5X higher search result impressions, 4X higher click-through rates, and 9.9X higher equipment detail page views than listings without photos. Make sure your photos are high quality and offer multiple angles so potential buyers can see as much of the unit as possible. For more tips, read our 10 tips for taking equipment pictures.
  • Enter Your Contact Info: If you have an existing My Trader account, some of the contact information may auto-populate. If not, enter your first and last name, address, and phone number. To protect your privacy, only your city, state, and zip code will appear on your listing—not your street address. Choose how you’d like for shoppers to contact you by hiding your phone number, allowing them to reach you by email only.

5. Preview Your Listing, Review Your Package, and Check Out

Before you finalize your listing, preview it with the photos by clicking in the lower-left corner of the page. Make sure that you’re providing everything a shopper would want to know about the unit you’re selling. When you decide your listing is good to go, review your order to make sure you selected the correct package. Use promo code SELL25 to get 25% off your listing from now until the end of 2021. After using this discount code, you can enter your payment information and check out.


As you can see, it just takes five simple steps to list your machinery on a nationwide marketplace. Selling on also provides opportunities to take advantage of our digital marketing solutions to help you advertise and reach more buyers.

Another selling option is to connect with dealers who are buying inventory directly from private sellers. Skip the listing process altogether and look for the “We Buy Equipment” button on a dealer’s gallery page to sell your unit right to a dealership.

Equipment Trader SELL25


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Arielle Patterson
Arielle Patterson

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