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12 Holiday Gift Ideas for Construction Workers

construction gift guide

The holiday season is a time of cheer and giving. However, you might not know what gift to get for the construction worker in your life, whether it’s a friend, family member, or someone who recently completed a job for you. Equipment Trader is here to help with a list of 12 holiday gift ideas for construction workers. These thoughtful gifts can help make their long hours on a construction site more comfortable and convenient.

1. Heated Jacket

heated jacket

A heated jacket is perfect for those chilly days on a worksite. Look for a jacket that is durable enough to withstand the cold, along with wind, snow and rain.

2. Work Boots

Timberland boots

A good pair of work boots is a classic gift for any laborer who is on the move all day. The right pair should provide both comfort and durability for construction workers spending long hours on their feet. Look for steel-toe boots to provide protection and weather-resistant fabric to take on any type of conditions.

3. Smart Wear

Microsoft Hololens 2

Give the construction worker in your life a digital upgrade to their wardrobe. Smart wear combines innovative technology with practical worksite attire. Wearable tech, including smart hard hats, goggles, gloves, watches and boots, can monitor fatigue, alert workers to potential hazards, and more. Read our previous article for more types of cutting-edge construction technology.

4. Protective Arm Sleeve

protective arm sleeve

Construction work around heavy machinery can often be dangerous. Protective arm sleeves can lessen the effects of some of these hazards. These provide protection from common issues such as cuts and excessive heat.

5. Magnetic Wristband

magnetic wristband

Workers can stop misplacing screws and bolts with a magnetic wristband. These comfortable wristbands have magnets that will always keep fasteners nearby, making construction work a little easier.

6. Hearing Protectors

wireless headphones

Construction sites are filled with the sounds of equipment like dozers, saws, and more. Hearing protection is key for avoiding long-term hearing loss in workers. Bluetooth hearing protectors come in portable and convenient earbuds and wireless over-ear headphones that can reduce noise and deliver your favorite tunes with great sound quality.

7. Insulated Lunch Bag

insulated lunch bag

Construction workers often eat their lunches on the jobsite, which makes keeping food at a certain temperature a challenge. An insulated lunch bag will keep cold items chilled and hot dishes warm for hours.

8. Stainless Steel Tumbler

Yeti tumbler

Pair their new lunch bag with a stainless steel tumbler. This insulated drinkware is perfect for storing hot and cold liquids on long days. A stainless steel interior and exterior ensures durability and a sleek appearance.

9. Handheld Massager

handheld massager

Construction workers often come home tired and achy after a long day. Help them unwind with the gift of a handheld massager. These can provide relief to someone’s neck, back, and other muscles, working out any knots and cramps in the process. 

10. Hand Cream

hand lotion

Treat your favorite construction worker to a bit of self care with a hand cream that heals. Hand creams repair dry and cracked skin for relief throughout the day.

11. Weatherproof Writing Set

writing set

Jobsites can be difficult working conditions for taking notes. When it is necessary for a construction worker to do so, equip them with a durable, weatherproof writing set. These are complete with a pen, weather resistant spiral notebook, and bag to carry everything in. 

12. A New Piece of Heavy Equipment


The best gift for a machine operator on a construction site is a new piece of heavy equipment. Begin your search for yourself or someone else by shopping on the nationwide online marketplace at

Construction workers work tirelessly year-round building the structures we utilize every day. This holiday season, give them a gift to say thank you for their hard work with the help of our recommendations. From the Equipment Trader family, happy holidays!


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Arielle Patterson
Arielle Patterson

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