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Christmas tree farm

The holiday season is filled with festive and comforting sights and sounds. For many, that includes a tall fir, pine, or spruce tree decorated with glittering lights and ornaments. If you’ve ever been interested in growing your own Christmas trees, or if you want to know how the experts do it, Equipment Trader is breaking down all the tools required for the job. From planting to harvesting, here are the seven types of equipment used on holiday tree farms.

1. Backhoe

Choose a sunny, well-drained area in your backyard or on your property to plant your seedling. Once you’ve figured out where your trees will go, you’ll need to clear the land. Be sure to remove any extra trees, brush, weeds, vines, and invasive plants that could interfere with your new crop. For large areas, a backhoe is a quick and efficient way to clear land. A backhoe can be equipped with any necessary attachments, such as a loader rake, to get the job done.

2-3. Tractor and Planter

After the land is cleared, it’s time to plant the seeds. A planter allows you to sow several rows of seeds at once. Planters can be towed behind a tractor or mounted to it. Using a planter can help speed up your process if you’re planting trees on a farm. Create a grid pattern that places the seeds at least five feet apart.

4. Sprayer

Once your seedlings are planted, you’ll spend several years caring for your trees as they grow. In the first two years especially, you’ll want to keep an eye out for pests and weeds that can interfere with your tree’s full growth. While the trees are saplings, some weeds can outgrow them and block nutrients, moisture, and sunlight. Pests like aphids, mites, weevils, and more can cause serious damage if left untreated. Use a sprayer to diffuse pesticides over your trees to take care of these issues. Backpack sprayers are great if you’re on a smaller area of land, while ATV and UTV sprayer attachments and boom sprayers can cover more ground faster.

5. Mower

Mowers are useful to maintain clear walking paths between rows of trees. You’ll want these paths to be wide enough so you can perform some occasional shaping and have room for customers to browse once the trees have matured. Riding mowers allow you to work faster on larger properties. Make sure your machine can easily maneuver through rows of trees.

6. Tree Spade

Once your trees are ready to harvest, there are several ways to remove them. Many use a handsaw or chainsaw to cut them down. If you plan on selling a live balled and burlapped tree, use a tree spade to securely remove the tree ball from the soil.

7. Trailer

If you’ve planted your tree at home, you have the convenience of carrying it right into your house. Those who own a tree farm might need something more, especially if they’re transporting multiple trees. That’s where a trailer can come in handy. With a flatbed trailer, you’ll be able to easily haul the trees across your farm.


As you prepare for a festive holiday season, start thinking about the ones to come. Equipped with a mower, backhoe, tractor, planter, sprayer, tree spade, and trailer, you’ll be able to grow your own Christmas trees for personal use or start a farm as an income source. If buying this machinery isn’t the best option for you, consider renting it for short-term use instead. We’ve previously written about 10 situations right for renting equipment.

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Arielle Patterson
Arielle Patterson

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