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5 Benefits of Electric Construction Equipment

The construction industry is making the switch to electric equipment, with the workforce beginning to put this innovative machinery to use on projects. Powered by lithium ion batteries, electric construction equipment is replacing machines that rely on an internal combustion engine and fuel. Despite some drawbacks to electric heavy equipment, including many worksites not being equipped yet with electricity for recharging batteries, they still offer a number of advantages. As an eco-friendly option, these machines reduce carbon emissions, improve efficiency, require less maintenance, and save money. Here are Equipment Trader’s five benefits of electric construction equipment.

1. Electric Construction Equipment is Eco-Friendly

As part of the solution to the ongoing climate crisis, switching your heavy equipment to electric is one way to make your construction site more sustainable. Using lithium ion battery packs that are charged by electricity, electric construction equipment reduces carbon emissions that affect the environment. Going green and electric also prevents pollution and stops dangerous oil leaks.

2. Better Performance with Electric Construction Equipment

Electric-powered machinery is proving to be competitive with the best diesel-operated equipment currently available in the market. Some of the leading construction equipment brands to know before you buy are investing in new electric equipment that is efficient and innovative with technology. Certain machine makes run longer for jobs, have higher lifting and weight capacities, easier operating controls, and do away with idling and refueling.

3. Electric Construction Equipment Costs Less

While electric construction equipment will cost more with your initial purchase, in the long term you will actually save money. They are less expensive when it comes to operation costs, as these machines automatically shut off when they idle. You’ll also have more savings without having to pay to refuel, and without the extra upkeep expenses required with diesel-powered machinery maintenance. Depending on where you’re working, your company may receive tax incentives for switching to electric equipment for construction projects.

4. Less Maintenance with Electric Construction Equipment

With electric construction equipment from innovative brands like Bobcat, you can expect less repairs, maintenance, and overhauls. Without the complicated parts necessary for the operation of an internal combustion engine, and fluids, oil, filters, and connectors, electric is much easier to manage. While running on rechargeable lithium ion battery packs with an electric motor, your machinery should last longer over time with the latest technology.

5. Electric Construction Equipment is Less Noisy

The loudest machinery can be harmful to workers’ ears without the right sound protection. These machines produce less noise, which makes it safer for colleagues to focus, hear things in their surroundings, and communicate on jobs. With electric construction equipment, such as new machines from Caterpillar, you can work more hours of the day in areas like urban environments and neighborhoods that may otherwise have restrictions due to loud noise.

The benefits add up when it comes to making the decision to switch to electric construction equipment. Eco-friendly, less costs and maintenance, and more efficient, these are the machines of the future. If you’re searching for your next piece of equipment, be sure to see all the new and used listings available on the market at


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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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