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The Evolution of the Commercial Consumer: How Trader Interactive’s Marketplaces are Adapting to Fit Vehicle Needs

In a recent survey, Equipment Trader and Commercial Truck Trader uncovered some fascinating insights about commercial shoppers.
The Evolution of the Commercial Consumer: How Trader Interactive’s Marketplaces are Adapting to Fit Vehicle Needs

Welcome to the dynamic world of equipment and commercial vehicles. In a recent survey, Equipment Trader and Commercial Truck Trader uncovered some fascinating insights about commercial shoppers, such as a staggering 92% are not just browsing but expressing a strong readiness to make a purchase (and soon)! This is inspiring news for the industry as economic factors have undoubtedly cast doubt among dealers and buyers alike.

Who are the Equipment Trader and Commercial Truck Trader visitors? 

When asked about the purpose of the vehicles shoppers are searching for nearly 40% sought units for professional use, 30% for personal endeavors, 16% for professional government use, and 13% for both personal and professional purposes. 

On Equipment Trader, the top 5 searched makes in 2023 included Caterpillar, John Deere, Kubota, Bobcat, and Diamond C. Meanwhile, on Commercial Truck Trader, Ford led with models like F350, F250, and F550. Freightliner, Kenworth, and Peterbilt 579 were also featured prominently.

Shifting our focus to the top searched categories on our marketplaces. Equipment Trader visitors display a keen interest in tractors, skid steers, excavators, dump trucks, and dozers. On Commercial Truck Trader, the top 5 categories include Conventional Sleeper Trucks, Pickup Trucks, Dump Trucks, Box Straight Trucks, and Utility Service Trucks. These insights provide a unique glimpse into the work engaged in by our marketplace visitors, aligning seamlessly with a 2023 survey where construction, agriculture, and industrial equipment ranked as the top three reported categories. 

As you explore our platforms, not only are you tailoring your experience to your needs, but you’re also contributing to valuable industry insights that reflect broader trends in equipment and truck demand. Welcome to a community that’s not just about buying and selling; it’s about sharing and shaping the landscape of the industry together. 

A deeper understanding of the commercial consumer

As we delve deeper into understanding the consumer journey, we notice a shift in consumer trends that probably align with your own searching habits. In today’s digital age, with approximately 80% of research happening online, the importance of comprehensive resources becomes increasingly apparent. 

Exploring the pre-purchase habits of commercial consumers, a significant 40% embark on their research 3 to 6 months before finalizing a deal. This prolonged research phase, which deviates from the uncertainties of 2021 and 2022, underscores the heightened value of educational resources.

As we scrutinize the specific tools employed during this research process, it becomes clear that consumers overwhelmingly rely on search engines, dealership websites, and online classifieds, such as Equipment Trader and Commercial Truck Trader.

Now, consider the evolving landscape of consumer behavior post-COVID—a substantial shift from in-person preferences in 2019 to a digital-first approach in 2023. With in-person interactions on the decline, email communication has surged to 44%, marking a notable departure from the 53% preference for face-to-face communication in 2019. This aligns seamlessly with a broader trend favoring convenience and online interactions, ushering in a transformative period in buyer preferences.

Highlighting the key tools integral to your research journey, recent insights reveal a prioritization of shopping by monthly payments (32%), the ability to compare listings (31%), the utility of a loan calculator (31%), and the preference for 100% online purchases (30%)

In our survey, we identified the top three challenges faced by consumers during the buying process. Communication gaps emerged as the primary concern for 35% of respondents, closely followed by apprehensions related to securing a favorable deal. Two areas dealers in these spaces could enhance support to deliver a better consumer experience.

Tools for Success: Your One-Stop Shop with Commercial Truck Trader & Equipment Trader

With a deep understanding of our consumers and your needs, our marketplaces are dedicated to equipping you with the essential tools for every aspect of your journey, whether you’re searching, buying, selling, or beyond.

Embark on your journey by diving into our Commercial Truck Trader and Equipment Trader blogs, where education goes beyond standard articles. These blogs are a deliberate effort to boost your vocational knowledge, offering insights that truly enrich your understanding. Transition seamlessly into the exploration phase with our latest innovation, Guided Search. It transforms your search experience by blending visual cues and advanced search functions, ensuring a user-friendly journey for everyone, regardless of your tech expertise.

Moving beyond exploration, our commitment extends into practical solutions. Renting, a unique option on Equipment Trader, offering short-term solutions and valuable insights for both quick fixes and significant projects. Simultaneously, the Commercial Truck Trader Service Center ensures ongoing vehicle needs are seamlessly addressed, connecting users with trusted service providers certified by specific OEMs, and fostering lasting partnerships for sustained success.

As you navigate the dynamic landscape of buying and selling, our marketplaces ensure a seamless and successful journey. Supported by expert teams, financial transparency is woven into the experience, with integrated tools such as price alerts, estimated monthly payments, and financing options empowering consumers for informed decision-making and flexible financial management. 

Heard enough? Get started today on a comprehensive path tailored for you on Equipment Trader and Commercial Truck Trader, where every tool is meticulously crafted for your needs. 


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Shelby Ballou
Shelby Ballou

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