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Tips For Comparing Car Hauler Listings On Equipment Trader

There are thousands of listings to browse on Equipment Trader, so it's important to be informed when making a purchase. Here are a few tips.
car haulers for sale

When purchasing a car hauler, several factors must be considered. There are thousands of listings to chose from on Equipment Trader, so it’s important to be as informed as possible to narrow down your decision. You’ll first need to to identify the features you’re looking for and the specific needs related to the vehicles you intend to haul. Start by choosing the type of hauler and then consider additional factors to meet your requirements. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right car hauler for you.


Compare New and Used Car Hauler Listings Now


Types of Car Haulers

Open Top Trailer Haulers

Open car haulers offer affordability and ease of use. They weigh less, which makes them easier to maneuver and provides better gas mileage, especially when hauling heavier-than-average vehicles. Open car haulers come in various shapes and sizes, with options such as flatbeds and slide-in ramps to assist with loading. The beds can be made of treated lumber, aluminum, or steel plate. Open car haulers are ideal for short-distance travel, such as attending car shows. They can also transport ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, landscaping equipment, and motorcycles, and can even be used for moving. For those looking to save money and still get the job done, an open car hauler is a great option.


Enclosed Car Haulers

Enclosed car haulers provide more protection and security than open haulers. They are often chosen by professional racers or car show regulars. Available in various sizes, enclosed car haulers can be used for moving vehicles or other items and for short-term storage of valuables. Like open car haulers, enclosed car haulers come in different materials, such as lightweight aluminum and composite steel for heavy-duty hauling. While steel options are more affordable and suitable for heavy loads, aluminum trailers require less maintenance and tend to have a higher resale value. Although more costly and heavier, enclosed car haulers offer added security and protection for your cargo.



Other Factors to Consider

Car Hauler Weight

Consider the vehicle you plan to hitch your car hauler to. What is its towing and payload combined weight limit? How much will you spend on fuel based on the weight? Can you maneuver the hauler on the roads you will be traveling? These are just a few things to consider when researching the best car hauler for you. Depending on the overall weight, you might need a heavy-duty tow vehicle. If you intend to use your car hauler for specialty vehicles, note that classic cars and roadsters generally weigh more than racecars. Knowing your car’s weight will greatly assist in deciding the ideal style and material for your hauler.


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Steel vs. Aluminum

When choosing between a steel or aluminum car hauler, consider a few factors. Although aluminum trailers are more expensive, they tend to be a better investment when considering maintenance costs and resale value. Aluminum car haulers do not rust like steel, so if well cared for, they can offer a return on investment. The benefits of a steel car hauler include a lower price point and durability. The choice between materials mostly comes down to your budget and the amount of maintenance you are willing to provide over the hauler’s lifetime. Both aluminum and steel car haulers can handle heavy-duty jobs, so cost and maintenance are your primary considerations.

When deciding on any major purchase, it’s always a good idea to do plenty of research to find what will best meet your needs. Consider estimated payload weight, the type of vehicle towing your car hauler, your budget for purchase and projected maintenance, and the intended use of the car hauler. Will an open car hauler meet your needs, or will you need an enclosed model? How will fuel costs impact your decision? Now that you’ve got some insider tips to jumpstart your search, dive into the extensive selection of car haulers available nationwide on Equipment Trader.


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