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Greensburg, IN

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DEERE, CT322 PROWLER RUBBER TRACK Undercarriage, Rubber Track, This ad is for a single Prowler Rubber Track to fit your John Deere CT322 Compact Track Loader (CTL). The size of this track is B320x86x52D and has the RD Tread design, also known as Staggered Block pattern. This track performs best in the following applications: Clay - Dirt - Gravel - Highway - Mud - Turf. Although you can operate upon Snow covered surfaces you'll get the best service life and efficiency while operating within the suited applications mentioned above. The benefits of the RD Series track for the John Deere CT322 is that it has the largest footprint of all of our tread styles for CTL machines. This will provide a smoother ride for the operator when traveling on flat surfaces such as paved lots or highways. Its increased level of Carbon Black makesThis tread more heat resistant, so if you're doing power turns on hot asphalt the rubber will not break down as quickly as our other styles may, increasing the service life of the track and lowering your operating cost. This track will also be the most resistant to cuts and gouges from running on gravel because of its increased surface area and higher duromter rating. In our industry, you'll find that there are essentially two types of rubber track manufacturers, and they are: Standard Grade - Premium Grade (Prowler). A Premium Grade track is made of all natural rubber compounds that are blended with highly durable synthetics. A high Carbon Black content make our tracks more heat and gouge resistant, increasing the overall service life of the track when operating on hard abrasive surfaces. Premium tracks also use continuously wound steel cable embedded deep within the carcass to build strength. Additionally, our steel cables receive a coating of Vulcanized Rubber to protect against deep gouges, and moisture that may penetrate through the channels created by these gouges. Standard Grade tracks use lower amounts of Carbon Black making them less heat and gouge resistant. Standard Grade tracks also use spliced or overlapped inner cords that are weaker than the continually wound cables, and generally do not coat the inner cords in vulcanized rubber, to keep their pricing down. Prowler is a Premium Grade Track System, and we utilize a unique manufacturing technique called FST (Flexural Strength Technology). The result of FST is a track with a hard, abrasion resistant outer circumference and a more flexible, and resilient inner circumference. This creates a track that can flex more freely while engaging your undercarriage components while maintaining its abrasion resistance to hazardous debris. Should you have any questions about Prowler Rubber Tracks for Mini Excavators, Track Loaders, Mini Skid Steers and Carriers, please call, and allow one of our product specialist to assist you., Attachment, Serial Number:

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  • Condition: New
  • Make: DEERE
  • Model: Attachment
  • Category: Tractor Attachments
  • Location: Greensburg, IN
DEERE Attachment 5010312296
This DEERE Attachment is located in greensburg, Indiana. Complete the form below to send us an email for more information about this Equipment.

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New 0 DEERE Tractor Attachments Attachment

Actual trade-in value is dependent upon an in-person inspection.
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