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Equipment News

Why Rent Equipment through Equipment Trader?

Posted 4:13 PM April 12th

At Equipment Trader, we increasingly see more inventory items being rented on our website than ever before. From construction and agriculture to landscaping and technical trades, renting equipment... Read more

New Reporting from Equipment Trader is a BIG DEAL

Posted 3:18 PM April 11th

Weve got some huge news to share: Equipment Trader is launching new reporting tools for dealers who sell their equipment, and it's a BIG DEAL... Read more

An Ideal Sales Day vs. A Typical Day

Posted 8:50 AM March 20th

Is there such a thing as a typical day for a commercial sales consultant? Maybe not, but there absolutely arecertain priorities and actionsthat can make a day ideal for a dealership. A commercial salespersons... Read more

Optimizing the Worksite with Wireless Headsets

Posted 10:52 AM March 15th

They may look like they belong in a fast-food drive-through, but wireless headsets are becoming more and more common on construction sites and other work-zones which can be very loud... Read more

Are Your Listings Picture Perfect?

Posted 2:28 PM March 8th

We cant quite figure out why some dealers do not include photos in their online listings. Buyers are always going to want to know what a piece of equipment looks like before they buy it, and... Read more

10 Equipment Dealership Tips for Working Smarter

Posted 10:02 AM February 22nd

2018 has so far been a breakthrough year. Our commercial sales training program has had more telephone calls in the last two months from... Read more

Completion of I-95 Fulfills A Decades-Old American Dream

Posted 10:38 AM February 13th

As news coverage focuses on improvements to our infrastructure, priced around $1.5 trillion, theres... Read more

The Technology Thats Revolutionizing Construction

Posted 2:31 PM February 7th

News stations were buzzing earlier this week when SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon rocket... Read more

4 Tips for Optimizing Inventory Listings

Posted 11:43 AM February 1st

Theres a reason EquipmentTrader is the leading online marketplace for buying and selling equipment. Well, actually, there are a few reasons. Today... Read more

The Trade Show Paradox

Posted 9:56 AM January 30th

The scene of your typical trade show is pretty well known, but it also demonstrates a compelling and complicated paradox that we dont always... Read more